Mike Kelly (Republican – Pennsylvania) introduced H.R. 609 to name the Veterans Affairs health care center in Center Township, Butler, County, Pennsylvania as the “Abie Abraham VA Clinic”


The bill was introduced on February 3, 2017,  and referred to the House Subcommittee on Health. The bill was presented on the floor of the House of Representatives on February 13, 2017, and passed with a voice vote of 2/3 majority.


The bill proposes to name the Veterans Affairs health care center after Abie Abraham. Abie Abraham is a World War II Veteran. During WWII, Abraham fought and was captured, endured the Bataan Death March, and as a prisoner of war for 3.5 years was beaten, stabbed, shot, and survived malaria and starvation. Abraham was rescued by the 6th Rangers.

At the request of General Douglas MacArthur, Abraham stayed behind for 2.5 more years to disinter the bodies of his fallen comrades from the Bataan Death MArch and prison camps, helped to identify the bodies, and see that they were properly laid to rest.

Abraham was promoted in 1945 and returned to the United States where he worked as a recruiter. He also served 2 years in Germany until his retirement after 30 years of service as a Master Sergeant.

Abraham received numerous medals for his service, including the Purple Heart and was featured in multiple documentaries on the Discovery and History Channels. Abraham also wrote several books, including “Ghost of Bataan Speaks” and “Oh, God, Where Are You,” to help the public to better understand what U.S. troops endured at the hands of the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII.

Abraham was a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, the Purple Heart Combat / Infantry Organization, the American Ex-POWs, the Disabled American Veterans, and the American Defenders of Bataan.

Abraham was a volunteer at Veterans Affairs Butler Healthcare for 23 years from 1988 to 2011 and had 36,851 service hours caring for veterans.


Robert Brady (Democrat – Pennsylvania)

Dwight Evans (Democrat – Pennsylvania)

Scott Perry (Republican – Pennsylvania)

Glenn Thompson (Republican – Pennsylvania)

Ryan Costello (Republican – Pennsylvania)

Patrick Meehan (Republican – Pennsylvania)

Brian Fitzpatrick (Republican – Pennsylvania)

Bill Shuster (Republican – Pennsylvania)

Tom Marino (Republican – Pennsylvania)

Lou Barietta (Republican- Pennsylvania)

Keith Rothfus (Republican – Pennsylvania)

Brendan Boyle (Democrat – Pennsylvania)

Michael F. Doyle (Democrat – Pennsylvania)

Charles Dent (Republican – Pennsylvania)

Lloyd Smucker (Republican – Pennsylvania)

Matt Cartwright (Democrat – Pennsylvania)

Tim Murphy (Republican- Pennsylvania)

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