Pete Olson (Republican – Texas) introduced H.R. 806 to facilitate efficient State implementation of ground-level ozone standards, and for other purposes.

The bill is known as the “Ozone Standards Implementation Act of 2017.”


The bill was introduced to the House of Representatives on February 1, 2017 and referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. The bill was referred to the subcommittee on the Environment on February 3, 2017. On March 22, 2017, subcommittee hearings were held on the bill. The Bill was forwarded to the full House Committee on Energy and Commerce by the Subcommittee on the Environment for a vote on June 15, 2017. The Bill passed the House Committee on Energy and Commerce by a vote of 12-8.

A Committee Consideration and Mark-up Session was held on June 28, 2017. by the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the bill was ordered to be amended by a vote of 29-24.

The bill was amended by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce on July 14, 2017 (see amendment summaries below) and placed upon the Union Calendar. On July 17, 2017, the Rules Committee Resolution H. Res. 451 was reported to the house to provide for the consideration of H.R. 806 with an hour of debate. The H. Res. 451 passed the House.

General debate was initiated on July 18, 2017. Kathy Castor (Democrat – Florida), offered House Amendment (H.Amdt) 198 (A001) for the bill. Paul Tonko (Democrat- Florida) offered H.Amdt. 199 (A002). Donald Beyer (Democrat – Virginia) offered H.Amdt. 200 (A003). Jared Polis (Democrat-Colorado) offered H.Amdt. 201 (A004).  Jerry McNerney (Democrat-California) offered H.Amdt. 202 (A005). Jerry McNerney (Democrat-California) offered H.Amdt 203 (A006). All proposed amendments offered during General Debate failed to pass.

Mr. Cartwright moved to send the Bill back to the Committee with instructions to amend the with an order to stop the implementation of the Bill, if enacted,  and amendments if the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee finds that the Bill would increase health costs for people without health insurance. The motion failed by a vote of 191-235.

The Bill was passed by a recorded vote of 229-199 on July 18, 2017, and set to the Senate. The Bill was forwarded to the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.


H.B. 806 will delay the implementation of an Environmental Protection Agency final rule that was passed in 2015. The rule dealt with ambient air-quality standards for ozone emissions. The rule requires states to determine if different geographical regions are in compliance with federal limits on ozone pollution. The rule also requires the states to submit plans to reduce emissions to the EPA beginning in 2020. H.R. 206 will delay the requirement for states to submit the plans until 2026.

H.R. 806 will also require the EPA to make changes to its process for reviewing National Ambient Air Quality  (NAAQ) Standards for ozone and other air pollutants. The bill will extend the the review cycle for some pollutants from 5 years to 10 years and would require the EPA to consider the technological possibility of pollution control systems when setting safe level standards for the air pollutants.

H.R. 806 will require the EPA to conduct a study on the formation of atmospheric ozone and submit a report to Congress that describes the extent to which foreign sources of ozone (other countries) can impact the ability of states to meet the air pollution standards under the Clean Air Act.


H. Amdt. 198 – proposed to add text that requires that the implementation of the enacted bill be halted should the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee find that the bill could increase health risks to vulnerable populations including children, seniors, pregnant women, outdoor workers, and minority and low-income communities. The amendment failed by a vote of 194-232.

H. Amdt. 199 – proposed to strike subsection (b) of Section 3, which would have the EPA consider technological feasibility when determining safe levels of pollution. The amendment failed by a vote of 182-241.

H. Amdt. 200 – proposed to strike subsection (h) of section 3 (relating to exceptional events). The amendment failed by a vote of 191-235.

H. Amdt 201 – proposed to insert a section after Section 4 named the following: Bringing Reductions to Energy’s Airborne Toxic Health Effects. The amendment failed by a vote of 186-242.

H. Amdt 202 – proposed to strike Section 6. The section reads “No additional funds are authorized to be appropriated to carry out the requirements of the Act and the amendments made by this Act. Such requirements shall be carried out using amounts otherwise authorized.” The amendment failed by a vote of 190-236.

H. Amdt 203 – proposed to strike all after the enacting clause and insert the following “Section 1 SHORT TITLE. This Act may be cited as the “Air and Health Quality Empowerment Zone Designation Act of 2017.” The amendment failed by a voice vote.


Bill Flores (Republican – Texas)
Robert Latta (Republican – Ohio)
Sanford Bishop (Democrat – Georgia)
Kevin McCarthy (Republican – California)
Henry Cuellar (Democrat – Texas)
Steve Scalise (Republican – Louisiana)
Jim Costa (Democrat – California)
Kevin Cramer (Republican – North Dakota)
Billy Long (Republican – Missouri)
Evan H. Jenkins (Republican – West Virginia)
Michael C. Burgess (Republican – Texas)
James B. Renacci (Republican – Ohio)
Jeb Hensarling (Republican – Texas)
David McKinley (Republican – West Virginia)
Brett Guthrie (Republican – Kentucky)
Larry Bucshon (Republican – Indiana)
Bill Johnson (Republican – Ohio)
Randy K. Weber (Republican – Texas)
Brian Babin (Republican – Texas)
Todd Rokita (Republican – Indiana)
David G. Valado (Republican – California)
Pete Sessions (Republican – Texas)
Glenn Grothman (Republican – Wisconsin)
Lamar Smith (Republican – Texas)

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